Have you ever wondered about what was beyond the clouds, what lurked beyond the horizon? Well, the residents of the seven Sky States dare to chase those dreams. They and their Pokemon ride the airships, chasing their freedom and searching for what they know is right in their hearts, whether that happens to be following the calling of an Imperial to uphold the law or that of a Rogue to carve out their own. After centuries of peace have become threatened by the specter of war with the land down below, the world seems to be growing smaller and more dangerous with each passing day. In such uncertain times, will you dare to reach for the sky?
18th July - Happy birthday, Reach! And just in time for it to be our one year birthday on the dot, we have opened our doors again to the public. Yes, we still got some quirks we're trying to smooth out again, but we should have most of it pushed through again. At least until we get things settled for a new skin anyway, curse you setbacks!

Just a casual reminder to make sure to stop by the birthday promotion to grab your free goodies and happy hunting!
11th July - Welcome to our new url! We're still trying to get things in order, so please pardon the dust and temporary skin while we get things sorted out. For a few more details, please check out the original announcement on our old url and the supplemental announcement here.

We've also started our birthday promotion, which will run through beta and into August first, so don't delay stopping by to snatch up some goodies. Thank you guys for a great year and we hope to see you again for a few more to come!
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